Mathematical logic is the study of the strengths and limitations of formal languages, proofs, and algorithms and their relationships to mathematical structures. It also aims to address foundational issues in mathematics. 

Logic relates to theoretical computer science through computability theory and proof theory, to algebra, number theory, and algebraic geometry through model theory, and to analysis and ergodic theory through set theory and infinite combinatorics.

Faculty Members

Robert L. Constable Type theory and automated reasoning
Joseph Halpern AI, security, and game theory
Dexter Kozen Computational theory, computational algebra and logic, logics and semantics of programming languages
Justin Moore Set theory, mathematical logic, and group theory
Anil Nerode Mathematical logic, computability theory, computer science, mathematics of AI, control engineering, quantum control of macroscopic systems
Slawomir Solecki Logic

Emeritus and Other Faculty

Richard A. Shore Mathematical logic, recursion theory, effective and reverse mathematics, set theory

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Romin Abdolahzadi

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Image of Dexter Kozen
Dexter Kozen

Joseph Newton Pew, Jr. Professor in Engineering

Image of Dexter Kozen
Dexter Kozen

Joseph Newton Pew, Jr. Professor in Engineering

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Justin Moore


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Anil Nerode

Distinguished Professor of Arts and Sciences in Mathematics

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Mark Poor

H.C. Wang Assistant Professor

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Mark Schachner

Ph.D. Student

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Luke Serafin

Ph.D. Candidate

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Richard A. Shore

Goldwin Smith Professor Emeritus of Mathematics

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