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The Ruth I. Michler Memorial Prize

The Ruth I. Michler Memorial Prize of the AWM is awarded annually to a woman recently promoted to associate professor or an equivalent position in the mathematical sciences. The prize provides a fellowship for the awardee and enables her to focus on her research in the stimulating environment of the Cornell University Mathematics Department during a semester that is free from teaching obligations. Recently promoted associate professors face many challenges as they prepare to take on greater leadership in research and in the profession. The Ruth I. Michler Memorial Prize honors outstanding women at this stage of their careers. Each year, the Michler Fellow is invited to give a lecture to an audience of faculty and graduate students. 

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Previous Award Recipients:

Date Award Recipient Talk Title
2018 Julia Bergner, the University of Virginia TBA
Nov. 2017 Julia Gordon, the University of British Columbia Wilkie's theorem and (ineffective) uniform bounds 
Mar. 2017 Pallavi Dani, Louisiana State University Large-scale geometry of right-angled Coxeter groups 
Oct. 2015 Malabika Pramanik, University of British Columbia Needles, Bushes, Hairbrushes, and Polynomials 
Mar. 2015 Sema Salur, University of Rochester Manifolds with G2 structure and beyond 
Mar. 2015 Megumi Harada, McMaster University Newton-Okounkov bodies and integrable systems 
Oct. 2012 Ling Long, Iowa State University Atkin and Swinnerton-Dyer Congruences
Mar. 2012 Anna Mazzucato, Pennsylvania State University The Analysis of Incompressible Fluids at High Reynolds Numbers
Nov. 2012 Patricia Hersh, North Carolina State University Regular CS Complexes, Total Positivity and Bruhat Order
Apr. 2010 Maria Gordina, University of Connecticut Lie's Third Theorem in Infinite Dimensions 
Oct. 2008 Irina Mitrea, University of Virginia Boundary-Value Problems for Higher-Order Elliptic Operators 
Sept. 2007 Rebecca Goldin, George Mason University The Geometry of Polygons 



Junior & Senior Faculty Teaching Awards

The Department of Mathematics has established a Junior Faculty Teaching Award in recognition of the importance of the place of junior faculty in the teaching and learning of mathematics. The award will be announced in early December. Awards will be made based upon the faculty member’s ability to develop student’s appreciation and understanding of mathematics. 

Eligibility: Tenure-track assistant professors, H. C. Wang assistant professors, and visiting assistant professors.

The Department of Mathematics has established a Senior Faculty Teaching Award in recognition of the importance of the place of all faculty members in the teaching and learning of mathematics. The award will be made when it is deemed appropriate and announced in early December. 

Eligibility: All faculty members holding the rank of associate professor, full professor, lecturer, or senior lecturer including visitors and faculty from other departments teaching MATH courses.

Previous Award Recipients:


Senior Faculty
Teaching Award

Junior Faculty
Teaching Award

2017 Marcelo Aguiar
Herbert Hui
Quincy Loney
2016 Tara Holm
Michael Stillman
2015 Yuri Berest David Zywina
2014 Yulij Ilyashenko
Mark Jauquet
Sanjay Dharmavaram
2013 Richard Rand Clinton Conley
2012 Steven Strogatz Nathaniel Eldredge 
Ana Rita Pires
2011 Timothy Healey Timothy Riley
2010 Reyer Sjamaar W. Frank Moore
2009 Ravi Ramakrishna Guang (Dennis) Yang
2008 Kenneth Brown 
John Hubbard
Geoffrey Recktenwald
Alexander Vladimirsky
2007 Allen Hatcher Alvaro Lozano-Robledo
Etienne Rassart
2006 Patricia Alessi
Irena Peeva
Luke Rogers
Alessandra Pantano
2005 David Henderson Hsiao-Bing Cheng
2004 Leonard Gross Tara Brendle
Kasso Okoudjou
2003 Maria Terrell Dan Zaffran
2002 Michael Stillman Matthew Fickus
2001 Alfred Schatz Ravi Ramakrishna


Graduate Student Teaching Award

The Department of Mathematics has established a Graduate Teaching Assistant Award in recognition of the importance of TAs in the teaching and learning of mathematics. The award will be announced in early December. The selection may be based on one or more of the following criteria: the TA’s ability to develop students’ appreciation and understanding of mathematics, creative use or development of materials, success in helping students master material, and improvement of teaching skills over time. 

Eligibility: Graduate students who have been teaching assistants in the Department of Mathematics for at least two semesters. Previous recipients cannot be nominated a second time.

Previous Award Recipients:

Year Graduate Student
2017 James Barnes
Lila Greco
Matthew Hin
2016 Kelsey Houston-Edwards
Amin Saied
2015 Wayne Uy
Drew Zemke
2014 Laura Escobar
Matthew Holden
Zhengyi Zhou
2013 Anoop Grewal
Melanie Stam
2012 Kathryn Sullivan Montovan
2011 Mircea Pitici
Remus Radu
2010 Mihai Bailesteanu 
Samuel Kolins
2009 Benjamin Lundell 
Eyvindur Pálsson
2008 Fatima Mahmood 
Artem Pulemotov
2007 Mia Minnes
2006 Edoardo Carta
2005 Melanie Pivarski 
Treven Wall
2004 Heather Armstrong
2003 Dan Ciubotaru
2002 Christopher Francisco
2001 Lee Gibson





Robert John Bättig Graduate Prize

Recipients of the Bättig Prize are graduate students in mathematics at Cornell who have passed their A exam (typically in their second year of study). Any such graduate student is eligible regardless of social and financial background. A department committee composed of the chair, the director of graduate studies and three members of the department's graduate admissions committee select a recipient each year based on excellence and promise in mathematics. 

Previous Award Recipients:

Year Bättig Prize

Swee Hong Chan
Benjamin Hoffman
Hossein Lamei Ramandi

2016-2017 Wai-Kit Yeung
2015-2016 Balazs Elek
Aaron Palmer
2014-2015 Laura Escobar Vega
Radoslav Zlatev
2013–2014 Hyungryul Baik 
Hung Tran
2012-2013 Diana Ojeda Aristizabal
2011-2012 Peter Samuelson
Tianyi Zheng
2010-2011 Kathryn Lindsey
2009-2010 Mingzhong Cai
Benjamin Lundell
2008-2009 Artem Pulemotov
Zhigen Zhao
2007-2008 Alimjon Eshmatov
Jessica Zuniga
2006-2007 Mia Minnes
Jay Schweig
2005-2006 Sarah Koch
Andrei Maxim
2004-2005 Antonio Montalban
Roland Roeder
2003-2004 James Belk
Harrison Zhou
2002-2003 Todd Kemp
2001-2002 Fernando Codà Marques

Eleanor Norton York Award

Each year a student in the Mathematics Department and a student in the Astronomy Department, in which Eleanor York was employed, are selected to receive this award. The recipients are chosen from those in the middle of their graduate education on the basis of their achievements to date to encourage them to have even more success in the future.

Previous Award Recipients:

Year York Award
2017-2018 Max Hallgren
Itamar Oliveira
2016-2017 Anwesh Ray
2015-2016 Iian Smythe
2014-2015 Daniel Miller
Valente Ramirez Garcia Luna
2013–2014 Kai Fong Ernest Chong
2011-2012 Jenna Rajchgot
2010-2011 Milena Pabiniak
2009-2010 Ri-Xiang Chen
Ho Hon Leung
2008-2009 Igors Gorbovickis
Ann Martin*
Briony Horgan*
2007-2008 Gregory Muller
Yan Ling Wu*
2006-2007 Artem Pulemotov
Sabrina Stierwalt*
2005-2006 Guan-Yu-Chen
David Rothstein*
2004-2005 Jeffrey Mermin
Jagadheep Panbian*
2003-2004 Farkhod Eshmatov
Matja Cuk*
2002-2003 Christopher Hardin
Lynn Carter*
2001-2002 Christopher Francisco
Karen Masters*
Britt Scharringhausen*




Hutchinson Fellowship

Awarded by the Mathematics Department to graduate students who have been outstanding in their work as teaching assistants or as students in the graduate program, the Hutchinson Fellowship provides one semester of relief from teaching to allow students to work on their thesis problems. Accordingly, it is given to students who have completed three years of study and are not in their final year.

Previous Award Recipients:

Year Hutchinson Fellowship
2017-2018 Gautam Gopal Krishnan
2016-2017 Ian Pendleton
Drew Zemke
2015-2016 Kristen Pueschel
2014-2015 Jeffrey Bergfalk
Voula Collins
Aliaksandr Patotski
2013–2014 Robert Kesler 
Yash Lodha
2011-2012 Adam Bjorndahl
Kristine Jones
Daniel Wong
2010-2011 Juan Alonso
Philipp Meerkamp
2009-2010 Mihai Bailesteanu
Samuel Kolins
2008-2009 Jennifer Biermann
Saul Blanco Rodriguez
2007-2008 Joshua Bowman
2006-2007 Noam Horwitz
James Worthington
2005-2006 Henri Johnston
Mauricio Velasco
2004-2005 Drew Armstrong
Treven Wall
2003-2004 Jason Martin
Melanie Pivarski
2002-2003 Radu Haiduc
Fernando Schwartz

Dan Ciubotaru
Jean Cortissoz
Yuval Gabay
Sam Hsiao





The Torng Prize

Established in 2017 by former graduate student Bung-Fung Torng, this prize is awarded annually to an outstanding graduate student for their work as a teacher. It provides summer support for the student to focus on their thesis work.

Previous Award Recipients:

Year Torng Prize
2017-2018 Maru Sarazola Duarte