Students gathered around a blackboard in the faculty lounge


Mathematics is the language of modern science; basic training in the discipline is essential for those who want to understand, as well as for those who want to take part in, the important scientific developments of our time. Acquaintance with mathematics is also extremely useful for students in the social sciences and valuable for anyone interested in the full range of human culture and the ways of knowing the universe in which we live.

Shruthi Sridhar

Student Spotlight: Shruthi Sridhar '18

Recent Cornell grad, Shruthi Sridhar, a math major, explains, "I have found a community like no other in the Cornell math department. Given the small class sizes, I've also gotten to know my professors well. They've been sources of inspiration as well as people to go to for advice. I've also met some of my closest friends by working on problem sets or talking about math. This community has been crucial to my education at Cornell."

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Students listening to a speaker in faculty lounge

Course Spotlight: Theoretical Linear Algebra and Calculus

Every Wednesday night, students gather in the math lounge of Malott Hall and spend 2.5 hours huddled around chalkboards and poring over textbooks as they seek solutions to some of the most vexing math problem sets a first-year student might encounter in Theoretical Linear Algebra and Calculus.

These are problem sets that could stump even a graduate student, but with this group of young mathematicians, the challenges are welcome.

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