Márk Poór

H.C. Wang Assistant Professor

Research Focus


My research focuses primarily on mathematical logic  and its connections with other areas of mathematics, most notably with set theory, algebra, combinatorics, measure theory and descriptive set theory.


  • A Shelah group in ZFC (with A. Rinot), \url{https://arxiv.org/abs/2305.11155},  submitted.
  • Singularity of maps of several variables and a problem of Mycielski concerning prevalent homeomorphisms (with R. Balka, M. Elekes, V. Kiss),  Adv. Math. 385, 2021.
  • Characterizing the spectra of cardinalities of branches of Kurepa trees (with S. Shelah), Pac. J. Math.  311. no. 2, pp. 423–453. 2021.
  • A Haar meager set that is not strongly Haar meager (with M. Elekes, D. Nagy,  Z. Vidnyánszky), Israel J. Math. 235, pp 91-109., 2020.
  • Answer to a question of Ros\l{}anowski and Shelah,  J. Math. Log. 21. no. 3, 2021.
  • Cardinal invariants of Haar null and Haar meager sets (with M. Elekes), P. Roy. Soc. Edinb. A. 151, no. 5,  pp. 1568 - 1594. 2021.


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