Graduate Student Funding and Awards

Research and Teaching Assistantships

Most teaching and research assistants at Cornell receive a stipend ($30,088), full payment of tuition ($29,500), and health insurance through Cornell's Student Health Plan (SHP; $4,046).

Graduate Research Assistantship (GRA):

A student whose research interest coincides with a supported research project may receive a graduate research assistantship, with the understanding that the dissertation research will contribute to the project. Because a student devotes considerable time to dissertation research, the time spent on research connected with the project is expected to be significant. GRAs may also be available during the summer for students who are working on their theses.

Teaching Assistantship (TA):

A TA position is an academic appointment averaging no more than 15 hours per week. In the Mathematics Department, there are three types of Teaching Assistant (TA) positions: recitation TA for 1000-2000 level classes, grading TA for upper division courses with proof-based homework, and instructional TA for Math 1110 Calculus I or Math 1120 Calculus II. Graduate students who are interested in an academic career are encouraged to be an instructional TA at least once prior to their final year of graduate school.

The International Teaching Assistant Program (ITAP) summer orientation is mandatory for international students, including foreign nationals who have earned undergraduate degrees from U.S. institutions. The program offers language, pedagogical, and cultural training and is required for all first-time international teaching assistants who come from countries where English is not the native language.

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Department Prizes and Awards

Robert John Bättig Graduate Prize:

Recipients of the Bättig Prize are graduate students in mathematics at Cornell who have passed their A exam (typically in their second year of study). Any such graduate student is eligible regardless of social and financial background. A department committee composed of the chair, the director of graduate studies and three members of the department's graduate admissions committee select a recipient each year based on excellence and promise in mathematics. 

Hutchinson Fellowship:

Awarded by the Mathematics Department to graduate students who have been outstanding in their work as teaching assistants or as students in the graduate program, the Hutchinson Fellowship provides one semester of relief from teaching to allow students to work on their thesis problems. Accordingly, it is given to students who have completed three years of study and are not in their final year.

The Torng Prize:

Established in 2017 by former graduate student Bung-Fung Torng, this prize is awarded annually to an outstanding graduate student for their work as a teacher. It provides summer support for the student to focus on their thesis work.

Eleanor Norton York Award:

Each year a student in the Mathematics Department and a student in the Astronomy Department, in which Eleanor York was employed, are selected to receive this award. The recipients are chosen from those in the middle of their graduate education on the basis of their achievements to date to encourage them to have even more success in the future.

Fellowship Opportunities

Cornell Graduate School Recruiting Fellowships:

Awarded to first-year graduate students on the basis of scholastic ability and promise of achievement. Recipients are chosen by the Mathematics Graduate Admissions Committee at the time of admittance.

The graduate school funds eight one-year fellowships with an nine-month, full tuition, and health insurance. The 2022-23 stipend rate is $34,684. Students are offered a Teaching Assistantship after the fellowship period.

Other Fellowship Opportunities: