Senior Theses

Available in PDF format (linked below) and in hard copy from the  Library (through 2010, more recent ones available soon). For more information, see Senior Thesis Guidelines.

May 2015

Timothy Steven Murray, Spectral Asymptotics of the Laplacian on Surfaces of Constant Curvature
Thesis Advisor: Robert Strichartz,

January 2015

Matthew Stuart Farrell, The Halting Program for Chip-Firing on Finite Directed Graphs
Thesis Advisor: Lionel Levine,

May 2014

Walter Cai, Extremal 1-Cycle Lifespan Behavior under the Vietoris-Rips Complex
Thesis Advisor: Robert Strichartz,

Sy yeu Chou, Numerical Simulations of N Point Vortices on Bounded Domains
Thesis Advisor: Robert Strichartz,

Eric Primozic, Homogeneous Groups and Covers
Thesis Advisor: R. Keith Dennis,

May 2013

Thomas Brooks, Generating Sets of Mathieu Groups
Thesis Advisor: R. Keith Dennis,

Weilin Li, Boundary Value Problems on a Half Sierpinski Gasket
Thesis Advisor: Robert Strichartz,

Yiran Li, Hodge deRham Theory of Carpet Type Fractals
Thesis Advisor: Robert Strichartz,

Min Lin, Strongly Flat p-Groups
Thesis Advisor: R. Keith Dennis,

Diwakar Raisingh, Toward an Axiomatic Characterization of the Smash Sum
Thesis Advisor: Lionel Levine,

Robert Ravier, Average Values of Functions on the Sierpinski Gasket
Thesis Advisor: Robert Strichartz,

Yipu Wang, Maximal Unbalanced Families
Thesis Advisors: Louis Billera, ; Justin Moore,

May 2012

Sudesh Kalyanswamy, Inverse Galois Problem for Totally Real Number Fields
Thesis Advisor: Ravi Ramakrishna,

Derek Lougee, Percolation on the Non-P.C.F. Sierpinski Gasket and Hexacarpet
Thesis Advisor: Benjamin Steinhurst,

Benjamin Nachman, Generating Sequences of the Two Dimensional Special Projective Linear Group over Fields of Prime Order, PSL(2,p)
Thesis Advisor: R. Keith Dennis,

Thomas Rudelius, A Geometric Understanding of Ricci Curvature in the Context of Pseudo-Riemannian Manifolds
Thesis Advisor: John Hubbard,

Liang Ze Wong, Irredundant Generating Sets of Finite Nilpotent Groups
Thesis Advisor: R. Keith Dennis,

May 2011

Tarun Chitra, Generalized Complex Geometry, Sasakian Manifolds and ADS/CFT
Thesis Advisors: Leonard Gross, ; Liam McAllister, Physics

Matthew Guay, Infinity-Harmonic Functions on SG
Thesis Advisor: Robert Strichartz and Alexander Vladimirsky,

Richard Gustavson, Some New Results on the Combinatorial Laplacian
Thesis Advisor: Edward Swartz,

Zheng Kang Tham, Square-Free Matroids
Thesis Advisor: Edward Swartz,

May 2010

Divya Kirti, An Exploration of Transmission on Random Graphs
Thesis Advisor: Richard Durrett,

January 2010

Daniel Jack Collins, Generating Sequences of Finite Groups
Thesis Advisor: R. Keith Dennis,

May 2009

Kai Fong Ernest Chong, The Weak Order of Coxeter Systems and Combinatorial Properties of Descent Sets
Thesis Advisor: Edward Swartz,

Steven Heilman, Homotopies of Eigenfunctions and the Spectrum of the Laplacian on the Sierpinski Carpet
Thesis Advisor: Robert Strichartz,

Wei Quan Julius Poh, Properties of Posets in Non-crossing Pairings on Bitstrings
Thesis Advisor: Edward Swartz,

May 2008

Jessica Lucille DeGrado, Computing the Gradient of Laplacian Eigenfunctions on the Sierpinski Gasket
(This thesis consists of a joint paper produced with Professor Strichartz and Luke Rogers following Jessica's participation in the department's 2006 REU program.)
Thesis Advisor: Robert Strichartz,

Hyun Kyu Kim, Representation Theoretic Existence Proof for Fischer Group Fi_23
Thesis Advisor: Gerhard O. Michler,

Rami Mohieddine, Chaos in the Hodgkin-Huxley Equations: The Takens-Bodganov Cusp Bifurcation
Thesis Advisor: John Guckenheimer,

May 2007

Yu Tung Cheng, Continued Fractions
Thesis Advisor: Peter Kahn,

Timothy David Cramer with Farkhod Eshmatov, Heat Kernel Coefficients for Periodic Schrödinger Operators
Thesis Advisor: Yuri Berest,

Rafael Mariano Frongillo, Topological Entropy Bounds for Hyperbolic Dynamical Systems
Thesis Advisor: John Smillie,

Yan Yancy Lo, Mathematical Models for Salmonella Transmission Dynamics
Thesis Advisor: Yrjo Grohn, Cornell Vet School; John Guckenheimer,

Evan Jayson Marshak, A Survey of Results Regarding a Computational Approach to the Zeros of Dedekind Zeta Functions
Thesis Advisor: Ravi Ramakrishna,

Jeremy Kenneth Miller, Finite Groups Acting on Surfaces as Rigid Motions of Euclidean Space
Thesis Advisor: Allen Hatcher,

May 2006

Thomas Franklin Church, The Magnus Representation of the Torelli Group I_{g,1}
Thesis Advisor: Karen Vogtmann,

Wai Wai Liu, The Logarithmic Sobolev Constant of Some Finite Markov Chains
Thesis Advisor: Laurent Saloff-Coste,

Philip Daniel Owrutsky, Orthogonal Polynomials with Respect to Self-Similar Measures
Thesis Advisor: Robert Strichartz,

May 2005

Saúl A. Blanco Rodríguez, Some Results on Combinatorial Game Theory
Thesis Advisor: Michael Morley,

Vorrapan Chandee with Tian Tian Qiu, Counting Kneading Sequences
Thesis Advisor: Rodrigo Pérez,

Timothy D. DeVries, The Weak Order and Flag h-Vector Inequalities
Thesis Advisor: Edward Swartz,

Shawn Drenning, Fractal Analysis: Extending the Domain
Thesis Advisor: Robert Strichartz,

May 2004

Tian Tian Qiu with Vorrapan Chandee, Counting Kneading Sequences
Thesis Advisor: Rodrigo Pérez,

Matthew J. Hirn, The Refinability of Step Functions
Thesis Advisor: Robert Strichartz,

Elizabeth Rach, Power Law Distributions of Gene Family Sizes
Thesis Advisor: Richard Durrett,