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The Cornell Mathematics Department faculty currently includes 42 tenured and tenure-track faculty, 16 emeritus professors, 12 field members from other departments, and 18 senior lecturers, other faculty, and visitors.

Graduate Students

We currently have 78 graduate students (including visiting and non-degree students) who play an essential role in all aspects of the department: teaching, research, mentoring of undergraduates and community outreach programs.

Recent PhDs

Department Staff

Department Administration:

Department Chair: Prof. Tara Holm
Director of Undergraduate Studies (DUS): Prof. Tim Healey
Director of Graduate Studies (DGS): Prof. Irena Peeva
Director of Teaching Assistant Programs: Dr. Kelly Delp
Administrative Manager: Betsy Collins

Technical Assistance

Math IT Email mathit@cornell.edu or call (607) 255-7559
Arts & Sciences AV Support Email arts_av_tech@cornell.edu or call (607) 255-3136
University IT Support (CIT) Email itservicedesk@cornell.edu or call (607) 255-5500