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2019-2020 Event Calendar

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9-21-19 MATH 5080:  Saturday Workshop for Mathematics Teachers (joint session with NYS MTP Central Region)
9-28-19 & 10-5-19 Math Explorer's Club - Infinity & Paradoxes

MATH 5080: Saturday Workshop for Mathematics Teachers

11-12-19 AMC 8 Math Competition
11-9-19 & 11-16-19 Math Explorer's Club - Combinatorial Game Theory

MATH 5080: Saturday Workshop for Mathematics Teachers (agenda forthcoming)

Confirmed Speaker:  Jennifer Bay-Williams (University of Louisville)

2-5-20 AMC 10B/12B Math Competitions


MATH 5080: Saturday Workshop for Mathematics Teachers (agenda forthcoming)

Confirmed Speakers:  Clifford Stoll (Acme Klein Bottles), Lucas Clarke (Vancouver, BC)


Volunteers Sought for Mathematics Outreach Opportunities

There are numerous mathematics outreach opportunities for Cornell faculty, graduate students, and undergraduate students to become involved in. I look forward to hearing from you.

Dr. Mary Ann Huntley
Director of Mathematics Outreach and K-12 Education Activities