Dynamics, Probability and PDEs in Pure and Applied

This NSF supported Research Training Group (DMS-1645643; September 1st 2017-August 31 2022) provides research training at the nexus of dynamics, probability, and PDEs. Two themes are emphasized: the interplay between theory and applications, and the importance of communicating mathematical ideas across fields and to diverse audiences.

This project is led by Steve Strogatz (PI) and Tim Healey, Laurent Saloff-Coste, Genady Samorodnitsky and Alexander Vladimirsky (co-PIs).

Centered around the graduate fields of and Applied and the Center for Applied (CAM), the project will also involve faculty and students from the graduate fields of Computer Science (CS), Operation Research (OR) and Theoretical and Applied Mechanics (TAM).


Associated Faculty

  • David Bindel (Computational PDE and Network Dynamics)
  • John Guckenheimer (Dynamics)
  • John Hubbard (Dynamics, Geometry)
  • Lionel Levine (Probability, Dynamics, Combinatorics)
  • Andreea Minca (Probability and applications)
  • Mark Lewis (Applied Probability)
  • Philip Sosoe (Probability and PDEs, Statistical Physics)
  • Alex Townsend (Computational PDE and Analysis)

Postdoctoral Faculty

  • Andrew Ahn, 2021-2023
  • Will Clark, 2020-2023
  • Andy Borum (Analysis, PDE), 2018-2021
  • Christian Noack (Probability), 2018-2021
  • Kate Meyer, 2019-2020

Graduate Students

Participant support under DMS-1645643 is restricted to US citizen and US Permanent residents. Additional support provided by other resources including Cornell graduate programs, external fellowships and faculty research grants.

  • Pamela Badian-Pessot (OR, Lewis)
  • Hanna Cairns (, Levine)
  • Elliot Cartee (, Vladimirsky)
  • Swee Hong Chan (, Levine)
  • Brian Chao (Math)
  • John Chavis (CAM, Lewis/Pender)
  • Andrew Chen (Math)
  • Zaoli Chen (, Samorodnitsky)
  • Mark Dalthorp (, Saloff-Coste)
  • Emily Dautenhahn (Math, Saloff-Coste)
  • Philip Doldo (CAM, Pender)
  • Emily Fischer (OR, Samorodnitsky)
  • Marissa Gee (CAM, Vladimirsky)
  • Marc Gilles (CAM, Townsend)
  • Cory Girard (OR, Lewis)
  • Lila Greco (, Levine)
  • Matt Hin (CAM, Guckenheimer)
  • Andrew Horning (CAM, Townsend)
  • Qi Hou (, Saloff-Coste)
  • Kelsey Houston-Edwards (, Saloff-Coste)
  • Aurya Javeed (CAM, Guckenheimer)
  • Jeffrey Jiang ()
  • Ariah Klages-Mundt (CAM, Minca/Banerjee)
  • Eric Lee (CS, Bindel)
  • Max Lipton (, Strogatz)
  • Jingbo Liu (, Saloff-Coste)
  • Xiaoyang Lu (OR, Samoridnitsky)
  • Lindsay Mercer (CAM)
  • Shriya Nagpal (CAM, Anderson)
  • Darian Nwankwo (CS, Bindel)
  • Kathryn O'Connor (, Saloff-Coste)
  • Bertrand Ottino-Loffler (CAM, Strogatz)
  • Misha Padidar (CAM)
  • Shrinidhi Pandurangi (TAM, Healey)
  • Irena Papst (CAM, Strogatz)
  • Anna Poulton (CAM, Ellner)
  • Alekos Robotis ()
  • Zhengdi Shen (CAM, Vladimirsky)
  • Robert Stephany (CAM)
  • Julian Sun (OR, Samorodnitsky)
  • MingYi Wang (CAM, Vladimirsky)
  • Yuwen Wang (, Saloff-Coste)
  • Lifan Wu (OR, Samorodnitsky)