Promoting Mathematics Awareness

Contact Mary Ann Huntley if you are interested in having a faculty member or graduate student come to your school or community center to offer a professional development workshop or guest lecture for your class.


Professor Steven Strogatz often gives public lectures and writes about mathematics for public audiences. A sampling of his activities can be found at Other activities include the following.


Celebrating Awareness Month


The  Awareness Month Public Lecture series is one way that we celebrate Math Awareness Month every April.


The department also sponsors a T-shirt design contest at Ithaca High School. Students at the high school submit designs and the faculty there vote for their favorites. The finalists are brought to the Cornell Math Department, where the faculty, staff, and graduate students also vote for their favorite.


Cornell faculty and graduate students give presentations in area classrooms during Math Awareness Month in April. Contact Xiaodong Cao for more information about Cornell Math Awareness Month activities.