Mathematics for the CALS Student

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Students in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences have the following options for completing the quantitative literacy requirement:

  • Earn a score of 4 or 5 on the AP Calculus exam or a score of 5 on the AP Statistics exam.
  • Transfer an approved calculus or statistics course with a C or better.
  • Take an approved 3- or 4-credit math or statistics course at Cornell.

Cornell Placement Exams

Cornell placement exams are offered during orientation in August and January and are recommended for:  (1) students who have had at least a semester of calculus but did not take a placement exam; (2) students who believe their placement is incorrect; (3) students who are uncertain of their grasp of the material.  Students may use the higher of two placement recommendations.  A failing score is not recorded on the student’s record.

See Advanced Placement for Calculus for more information.

Transfer Credit

The Mathematics Department will award transfer credit for an introductory statistics course only if it is a satisfactory equivalent to MATH 1710 offered by a mathematics or statistics department.  (See Transferring Credit from another institution for instructions.)  If the course is offered by a social science department (such as psychology or sociology), it must be approved by the corresponding social science department at Cornell.

Cornell Math Courses

Any 3- or 4-credit course offered by the Mathematics Department except MATH 1890 may be used. The following courses are particularly good options for CALS students. Students who plan to take more than one semester of calculus should take MATH 1110 rather than MATH 1106.

  • MATH 1105 - Finite Mathematics for the Life and Social Sciences
  • MATH 1106 - Calculus for the Life and Social Sciences
  • MATH 1110 - Calculus I
  • MATH 1710 - Statistical Theory and Application in the Real World
  • MATH 2310 - Linear Algebra with Applications

Summer Session

Students who find mathematics to be especially challenging may benefit from taking a course during summer session, when attention can be focused on a single course.  Options include MATH 1110, 1910, and 1920 during the 6-week session.

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