MATH 5080: Special Study for Teachers

Since 1985, during each academic year the Cornell Department has offered a series of four full-day workshops for secondary mathematics teachers.  Anyone interested in issues related to the teaching and learning of secondary mathematics is welcome to attend (e.g., teachers, prospective teachers, mathematics graduate and undergraduate students, and mathematicians).  During workshop sessions participants examine principles underlying the content of the secondary school mathematics curriculum, including connections with the history of mathematics, technology, and mathematics education research.  Participation at one workshop is not prerequisite to attending another.


Contact the instructor, Mary Ann Huntley, for more information.


Tentative Workshop Schedule for 2021-2022 Academic Year

Fall 2022:

October 1
December 3

Spring 2023:

January 28
March 4

Registration, Credit, and Costs


There are two options for receiving credit for MATH 5080:


1) Teachers qualify for 5½ in-service hours per workshop.  For this option, there is no cost to attend the workshops.  You will receive a certificate at the conclusion of each workshop.  Also, CTLE credit is available.


2) Teachers may receive 1 Cornell University graduate credit for attending 2 workshops during a semester and writing a 5-7 page paper consisting of reflections on the workshops, including but not limited to what they've learned and how the ideas apply to their teaching context.  If interested in this option, contact the instructor (Mary Ann Huntley), and submit a course enrollment form and payment of $100.  Staff at the Office of Continuing Education will communicate next steps in the enrollment process.


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