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Ruth Michler

The Ruth I. Michler Memorial Prize of the AWM is awarded annually to a woman recently promoted to associate professor or an equivalent position in the mathematical sciences. The prize provides a fellowship for the awardee and enables her to focus on her research in the stimulating environment of the Cornell University Mathematics Department during a semester that is free from teaching obligations. Recently promoted associate professors face many challenges as they prepare to take on greater leadership in research and in the profession. The Ruth I. Michler Memorial Prize honors outstanding women at this stage of their careers. Each year, the Michler Fellow is invited to give a lecture to an audience of faculty and graduate students.

Upcoming Lectures

Julie Bergner of The University of Virginia
October 18, 2018
Reception at 3:30pm, 532 Malott Hall
If you need any special accommodations (e.g., dietary constraints, mobility constraints, etc.), please contact Heather Peterson, hko1@cornell.edu.
Lecture begins at 4:00pm, 532 Malott Hall

Title: 2-Segal structures and the Waldhausen S-construction

Abstract: The structure of a 2-Segal space was defined by Dyckerhoff and Kapranov and independently by Galvez-Carrillo, Kock, and Tonks under the name of decomposition space. Both groups found many examples in algebra, topology, and combinatorics, yet a common one was the output of Waldhausen's S-construction when applied to an exact category. In joint work with Osorno, Ozornova, Rovelli, and Scheimbauer, we give a more general version of this construction so that every 2-Segal space arises from it.

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