Women & Mathematics Ambassador Program (WAM)

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Saturday, March 16, 2019

The Cornell Department of Mathematics is hosting a Women and Mathematics Ambassador Program event on Saturday, March 16, 2019. The WAM Program mission is to recruit and retain more women in Mathematics, for more information on the WAM ambassador program.

Registration:  Registration is open.  The deadline to register is February 20th, and it will be capped at 50.  Please go to WAM Registration.  

Housing: A block of rooms have been reserved at The Best Western University Inn for those attendees who require housing. Please indicate whether you need housing when you register.


  • Tara Holm, Cornell University
  • Marisa Hughes, Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory
  • Atefeh Mohajeri, Corning Incorporated & Cornell University
  • Madeleine Udell, Cornell University

Organizing Committee: 

  • Atefeh Mohajeri, Corning Incorporated & Cornell University

Event Schedule: 

All talks will be held in room 251 Malott Hall (break-out sessions will be held in rooms 203,205,206,207 Malott Hall)

*All breaks, including lunch, will be held in the faculty lounge in room 532 Malott Hall.

8:30-9:00         Registration and Coffee

9:00-9:15         Introduction of the Program and Opening Remarks

9:15-10:05       Tara Holm, "Dance of the Astonished Topologist"

10:15-10:35     Yuwen Wang, "A Scenic Stroll on Random Walks on Groups"

10:45-11:05     Drishti Wali, "Maximally Recoverable Codes"

11:15-12:05     Marisa Hughes, "Geo-Temporal Model Maps"

12:00-2:00       Lunch and discussion groups

2:00-2:50         Madeleine Udell, "Filling in Missing Data: Election, Healthcare, ..."

3:00-3:20         Atefeh Mohajeri, "A Journey from Group Theory to Computational Biology"

3:30-4:00        Tegan Wilson, "An Intro to Graph Coloring Problems"

4:00-4:30         Coffee break

4:30-5:30         Discussion session and Closing Remarks

5:30-7:30         Dinner banquet

Lunch will be provided and a dinner banquet will start at 5:30/6:00 p.m. in room 401/403 Physical Sciences Building.  Registration is required for the banquet, and you can register using the WAM Registration link above. PSB is located just a short distance behind Malott Hall.


There is a parking garage (Hoy Road Parking Garage) one block south of Malott Hall with entrances on Campus Road and Hoy Road. On the Google map, the parking garage is located between two green patches (Hoy Field and Schoellkopf Field) and will appear if you zoom in a little. About a half mile east of Malott Hall, at the intersection of Tower road and Judd Falls road, there is a metered lot.

Visitors may park in most spots on campus on the weekend with no permit, in particular in the area around Malott Hall. Be careful of the areas marked with a moon: these are restricted at all times. On weekends attendees can park at both Hoy Road Parking Garage and Forest Home Garage, which is less than a block north of Malott Hall (off Forest Home Drive).

For mobility or other accommodations, please contact Heather Peterson.