William Clark

NSF Postdoctoral Associate (Visiting Assistant Professor)

Research Focus

My main research interests deal with hybrid dynamical systems and geometric mechanics, particularly in understanding mechanical impacts and their interplay with nonholonomic constraints. Additional interests include optimal control of quantum systems and robotic perception.



  • A. Ahn, W. Clark, S. Nitzan and J. Sullivan. Density of Gabor Systems Via the Short Time Fourier Transform, Journal of Fourier Analysis and Applications. Vol 24 (3), pp. 699-718, 2018.
  • W. Clark, A. Bloch, L. Colombo and P. Rooney. Time-minimum control of quantum purity for 2-level Lindblad equations, Journal of Discrete and Continuous Dynamical Systems–Series S, 2018.
  • W. Clark, A. Bloch and L. Colombo. A Poincar´e–Bendixson theorem for hybrid systems, Mathematical Control and Related Fields, 2019.
  • W. Clark and A. Bloch. A Poincar´e–Bendixson theorem for hybrid systems on directed graphs. To appear in Mathematics of Control, Signals, and Systems.