Undergraduate Employment

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Hiring Procedures

Jobs are in demand and fill quickly. To receive early consideration, please apply by early March for the fall semester or mid November for the spring semester. Job offers are made one semester at a time. If you receive an offer (by e-mail), respond as soon as possible to accept (or decline). When a position opens up, we hire the first qualified applicant we can reach.  

To apply to be an undergraduate course assistant, homework grader, or tutor, please fill out our Job Application. Once logged in, you can submit, update, or reapply.  If you are updating or reapplying make sure that you update the "Applying for semester" field at the top of the application page.

For all positions you may be asked to come in for a brief interview.

Undergraduate Student Position Job Descriptions

Undergraduate Course Assistants


  • Facilitate and conduct a one and a half hour workshop problem session per week.
  • Attend bi-weekly meetings with other course assistants and instructional staff.
  • Grade weekly homework assignments (approx. 3-4 hours per week).
  • Attend a mandatory training session at the start of the semester.

Undergraduate Homework Graders

Undergraduate graders are sought for several entry-level MATH courses, particularly:

  • MATH 1105: Finite Mathematics for the Life and Social Sciences (fall only)
  • MATH 1340: Mathematics and Politics (spring only)
  • MATH 1710: Statistical Theory and Application in the Real World

Graders may also be needed for one or more courses in the engineering calculus sequence (MATH 1910-1920-2930-2940) or for the occasional 3000-/4000-level course, but this is less certain. (See the undergraduate course assistant positions if you are interested in grading Calculus I or Calculus II.)


  • Comprehensive, precise grading of weekly assignments.
  • Accurate record keeping.
  • Prompt return of assignments to the course instructor.

Undergraduate Tutors

Applicants for Undergraduate Tutor positions at the Mathematics Support Center should (at minimum) be able to help students with the material taught in

  • Calculus I (MATH 1110),
  • Calculus II (MATH 1120),
  • Finite Math for the Life and Social Sciences (MATH 1105),
  • Calculus for the Life and Social Sciences (MATH 1106).

Those with sufficient background to tutor for some of the upper-level math courses are especially encouraged to apply.


  • Conduct one-on-one and small-group tutoring sessions for students on a walk-in basis.
  • Staff the Math Support Center during specific assigned hours each week. (Additional hours will be available during busy times of the semester, such as right before an exam is held in one of the courses.)
  • Attend a one-hour training session at the start of the semester.

Information for New Hires

  • If you have never been a Cornell student employee before, you must complete an I-9 Employment Verification Form before you begin work, which is now done electronically.  A paper version of the form can be found at https://www.uscis.gov/i-9. Once you are appointed you will receive a trigger e-mail notification to fill out Section 1 of the electronic I-9 form.  You will have 3 business days (5 at most) from your start date to bring original accepted documents to Heather Peterson in 310 Malott Hall to complete the electronic I-9 process.  See page 3 of the paper version of the form for a list of accepted documents.  It is important that you bring your documentation within the 3-5 day period.
  • Immediately contact your course instructor to discuss his/her expectations and preferred deadlines.
  • Pick up the textbook(s) for your course from Mikki in 310A Malott Hall (and don't forget to return it at the end of the semester).

Heather Peterson will send you more detailed information on upon hire.


The undergraduate positions of tutor, course assistant, and grader follow a two-tier pay system. Effective January 1, 2020, the starting pay rate for tier 1 is $12.05/hour.  After two full semesters of employment in the Math Department the pay rate increases to $12.50/hour (tier 2) (not necessarily consecutive or in the same position).

Paychecks and Time Reporting

This position is subject to the Non-exempt Bi-weekly Payroll Calendar. Report your time using Workday by noon on each pay period end date. Payroll Services will issue your paycheck on alternate Thursdays to the home address provided by you through Student Center. (Under Contact Information, click the "Home" link to edit your address.) To avoid lost, stolen, or delayed paychecks, sign up for Direct Deposit.

Contact Heather Peterson (hko1@cornell.edu) if you have any questions. Payroll Services has some very useful links.