Undergraduate Employment

Recruiting and Hiring Procedures

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Recruiting for the Spring 2024 semester will start in mid-November.  Jobs will be posted in Workday for application submittal by the second week in November.

The job requisition, job posting, application, and hiring processes are all managed centrally in Workday, which is Cornell's human resource, benefit, and payroll application.  This new centralized process offers students a much more streamlined, accessible, and efficient means to access and apply for undergraduate job openings on campus and is a central repository for all jobs on campus. 

Jobs are in demand and fill quickly.  If you are being considered for a position, you will initially be contacted by e-mail and may be asked to participate in a brief interview.  Job offers are made one semester at a time. If you are considered for hire, we will send you an initial job offer via e-mail.  After we receive your acceptance, you will be appointed in Workday, which will trigger a formal job offer letter from OHR (Office of Human Resources).  This letter will arrive in your e-mail.  You will be required to acknowledge and accept the OHR letter.  When you receive the initial offer, respond as soon as possible to accept (or decline) and make sure to submit your acknowledgment of the letter from OHR.  

After your appointment is finalized in Workday, the department will send you a detailed "semester start up notification" which includes additional information on your employment and departmental/position procedures.

Undergraduate Student Position Job Descriptions

Undergraduate Course Assistants/Graders

UG Course Assistants/Graders are needed for the upcoming Spring 2024 semester.  We will begin recruiting and contacting applicants in mid-November.  We consider both Federal Work Study and Non-Federal Work Study applicants. 

Undergrad Course Assistants are assigned to either Math 1110 Calculus or Math 1120 Calculus II. We also typically have a few grading positions in the department. Most years we have grading positions in the following courses:

•    Math 1105: Finite Mathematics for the Life and Social Sciences (fall only)
•    Math 1340: Strategy, Cooperation, and Conflict (spring only)
•    Math 1710: Statistical Theory and Application in the Real World
•    Math 2210: Linear Algebra
•    Math 2230/2240
•    Possibly other courses, depending on enrollments

Applicants will be considered for a CA/Grader based appropriate mathematics background. Please be sure to upload a recent transcript (unofficial is fine) showing your coursework.  If you have interest in or preference for a particular course, please attach a brief note to your application expressing your preference. 

Purpose of the position:
Assist course instructors in grading and in some roles facilitate/conduct workshop sessions.

Duties and responsibilities:
Math 1110/1120 Course Assistant positions are typically 6 hours a week. Responsibilities include:

•    Facilitating one or two 50-minute workshop problem solving sessions.
•    Grading weekly homework assignments with the guidance and supervision of course staff.
•    Meeting deadlines and responding to emails in a timely manner.
•    Attending bi-weekly organizational meetings.
•    Attend a mandatory training session at the start of the semester.

Responsibilities of the grading positions vary slightly depending on the course, but include:

•    Grading weekly homework assignments with the guidance and supervision of course staff. 
•    Meeting deadlines and responding to emails in a timely manner.

Hours vary depending on the course but typically range from 4-8 hours per week.

Please upload a copy of your transcript to Workday when you apply (unofficial is accepted).

Knowledge/Experience required:
Applicants should have experience with differential and integral Calculus; successful completion of a math course (e.g. some Calculus, Multivariable, or Linear Algebra) at Cornell is preferred, but not strictly required.  Graders for specific courses must have successful completion of the course or a related course.  Candidates must have a solid and strong background in Mathematics.

How to apply in Workday:

  • Log into Workday or you can access Workday via the Student  Employment page.
  • Under Menu navigate to "Find Student Employment Opportunities".
  • Under View click Find Jobs - Student.
  • Select job and apply for the job posting you are interested.  Make sure to carefully read the job posting description.
  • Upload a copy of your transcript (unofficial is okay) or any other documents.  For the Course Assistant position, please upload a copy of your course schedule (including transcript).
  • Click Next and continue with the questionnaire and then review and submit.  You will receive a confirmation page.  You can review your application at the main page under Menu, Find Student Employment Opportunities, and View My Applications.

Student employees must not work more than 20 hours/week during the academic year.


Information for New Hires

  • If you have never been a Cornell student employee before, you must complete an I-9 Employment Verification Form within 3 days of your first day of employment, which is completed electronically through Workday.  A paper version of the form can be found at Employment Eligibility Verification - I-9.  Once you are appointed in Workday you will receive an e-mail notification to fill out Section 1 of the electronic I-9 form.  You will have 3 business days from your start date to bring original accepted documents to Heather Peterson in 310 Malott Hall to complete the electronic I-9 process.  Refer to page 3 of the paper version of the form for a list of accepted documents to verify employment.
  • A list of course assignments for Course Assistants/Graders will be provided just prior to the start of the semester with contact information.  CA/Graders and instructors will be in contact to discuss expectations and preferred deadlines. 
  • Graders/CA's will be added to the course in Canvas, which will give you electronic access to the textbook. 

More detailed information will be sent to you upon hire.


The compensation rate starting January 1, 2024 for undergraduate Course Assistants/Graders is $15.50/hour.

Paychecks and Time Reporting

These positions are subject to the Non-exempt Bi-weekly Payroll Calendar.  As a student employee it is important to enter your time daily for accuracy in Workday and submit your weekly time by 10:00 a.m. every Wednesday.  Payroll will issue your paycheck on alternate Thursdays.  To avoid lost, stolen, or delayed paychecks, sign up for Direct Deposit.  Direct deposit is the most efficient, secure, and direct means to receive your pay.  If you do not have direct deposit your paycheck will be sent to the address provided by you through Student Center (Under Contact Information, click the "Home" link to edit your address). 

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If you have any questions about student employment in the Math Department, please email Heather Peterson.