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Roger H. Farrell

Professor Emeritus



The Department is saddened by the passing of our friend and colleague Roger Farrell.


Mathematical statistics, measure theory


  • Mathematics


  • Proof of a necessary and sufficient condition for admissibility in discrete multivariate problems (with L. D. Brown), J. Mult. Annal. 24 (1988), 46–52.
  • All admissible linear estimators of the vector of gamma state parameters with application to random effects models (with W. Klonecki and S. Zontek), Ann. Statist. 17 (1989), 268–281.
  • A lower bound for the risk in estimating the value of a probability density (with L. D. Brown), Jour. Amer. Statist. Assoc. 85 (1990), 1147–1153.
  • Estimations of accuracy in testing (with J. T. G. Hwang, G. Casella, C. Robert and M. T. Wells), Ann. Statist. 20 (1992), 490–509.
  • Spitzer and Bohnenblust, revisited (1997), preprint.