Professional Development

The Department and the Center for Teaching Innovation (CTI) offer a number of opportunities for professional development. All TAs are required to participate in our Introductory TA Training Program prior to their first TA appointment; further professional development is encouraged, but not required.


Introductory TA Training Program


There is a mandatory department TA training program that is held right before the start of the Fall semester. The program runs over three (half) days. Current sessions include Principles of Grading, Sample Recitations, Creating an Inclusive Classroom, Being Professional, and Roles and Responsibilities of an Instructor. In the final Micro-Teaching Workshop, TAs give a 10-15 minute representative sample of their first day recitation or lecture, and get feedback from their peers and an experienced TA or instructor.


Mathematics Teaching Certificate Program


This Program was launched in the Spring of 2021. To complete the program, graduate students participate in and complete a series of teaching workshops, class observations and written reflections.   At the end of the program, which is meant to be completed over several semesters, participants write and get feedback on teaching and diversity statements.


The goals of this program are to give graduate students the opportunity to:


  • learn about current research and best teaching practices in undergraduate mathematics education

  • reflect on your own teaching experience and more generally different teaching methods

  • prepare and get feedback on teaching materials for academic jobs

  • get feedback on current teaching practices and set short and long term goals for instructor development


The program is currently administered through a Canvas (Cornell’s current LMS platform) course.  Current or CAM graduate students interested in participating in the program should contact Kelly Delp (kd288) or Marie MacDonald (mb2636) to be added to the course.


Teaching Development Fellow


Each semester a Teaching Development Fellow is chosen from among the and CAM graduate students. The Fellow receives a small stipend, and helps support  departmental professional development activities throughout the semester, including organizing the bi-weekly teaching seminar.


Other Opportunities 


These Cornell programs and courses are also available to our graduate students.