Mathematics Awareness Month Public Lecture Series

Awareness Month is held each year in April.  Its goal is to increase public understanding of and appreciation for mathematics. To that end, Cornell's Department of Mathematics sponsors an annual public lecture. To learn more about Awareness Month and its history, click here.

MATH AWARENESS MONTH PUBLIC LECTURE, Friday, April 19th from 4:30 - 5:30 p.m.
The lecture will be held in Schwartz Auditorium/201 Rockefeller Hall
Speaker:  Tim Chartier, Davidson College - Tim Chartier is Joseph R. Morton Professor of Mathematics and Computer Science.  "He is known for his expertise in sports analytics and bracketology, for his popular mathematics books, and for Mime-matics performances combining mime and mathematics that he and his wife Tanya have staged (Wikipedia)".

Public Lecture Poster

Title:  Get in the Game: data analytics via sports
Abstract:  Sports analytics has gathered tremendous momentum as one of the most dynamic fields. Diving deep into the numbers of sports can be game changing or a framework for data analytics research. What questions can be explored? What actionable insights can be gleaned? From March Madness to national media broadcasts, analytics are becoming increasingly indispensable. Dr. Tim Chartier will discuss outlooks that help with successful analytics, and the variety of questions that can be tackled. He will also share how he leads students to dig into sports using math and computer science, and their success across the NBA, NFL, MLB, NASCAR, ESPN and his own college teams.

MIME-MATICS Workshops and Performance, Saturday, April 20th, starting at 10:00 a.m.
Anyone Can Mime Workshop-Poster
Mime-matics Performance-Poster

Hosted and presented by The Cherry Arts Inc. in collaboration with the Cornell Department of Mathematics.  More information can be found at
As a continuation in the celebration of Math Awareness Month, Professor Chartier, along with his wife, Tanya, will be hosting an "Anyone Can Mime" interactive workshop to learn mime illusions such as the wall, opening a door, and tug of war starting at 10am-Noon.  The workshop will be followed by a "Mime-matics" public performance, combining math concepts and mime illusions, with a family friendly workshop starting at 2pm with an estimated end time of 4pm.

In this collaboration, together we hope to ensure a fun and thought-provoking event and overall exciting and unique experience for all.

Ticketing information will be posted soon.
Children under 6 is free

$5.00 - 6 to 17 years of age
$10.00 for adults, 18 years and over

Campus and parking information:

For accessibility/accommodations contact Heather Peterson.

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