Kelly Pohland



Research area: Algebraic topology, equivariant homotopy theory

I like to study algebraic invariants for spaces with an action of a finite group G. Most of my recent work focuses on the case when G is a cyclic group of odd prime order.


  • The RO(C3)-graded Bredon cohomology of C3-surfaces in Z/3-coefficients, arXiv preprint at arXiv:2306.03948 (2023)
  • RO(C3)-graded Bredon cohomology and Cp-surfaces, University of Oregon thesis (2022)
  • University of Oregon AWM Chapter: Creation and Evolution. With E. Bellah, S. Frei, and L. Merill, appearing in Fifty Years of Women in Mathematics: Reminiscences, History, and Visions for the Future of AWM (2022)

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