J.T. Gene Hwang

Professor Emeritus

Research Focus

Statistics, confidence set theory

Recently, I started to focus mainly on the theory of statistical intervals. Statistical intervals, such as confidence intervals, prediction intervals and tolerance intervals are one of the major areas in statistics. By providing intervals, statisticians demonstrate the possible range of the interested parameters or future observations.

Much of my research is stimulated by scientific and engineering applications. Although my primary interest is in theory, the solutions often can be used directly in application. My recent joint work with the National Institute of Standards and Technology is one example.


  • Optimal confidence sets, bioequivalence and the limacon of Pascal (with L. D. Brown and G. Casella), JASA 90 (1995), 880–890.
  • Maximum likelihood estimation under order restricted parameters by the prior feedback method (with C. Robert), JASA 91 (1996), 167–172.
  • An unbiased test for the bioequivalence problem (with L. D. Brown and Axel Munk), Ann. Stat. 25 (1997), 2345–2367.
  • Prediction intervals in artificial neural network (with A. Adam Ding), JASA 92(1997), 748–757.
  • Prediction intervals, factor analysis models and high-dimensional empirical linear prediction (HELP) (with A. Adam Ding), JASA, to appear.