Useful Resources for Graduate Students

Cornell Graduate School

On the Cornell Graduate School web site you will find all Graduate School forms, the Code of Legislation of the Graduate Faculty, information regarding student services and financial aid, and much more.

Graduate Student Assistantships

Cornell's Graduate Student Assistantships policy may be dry reading, but all graduate students should at least peruse it in order to understand their legal obligations and protections. 

Academic Policies

The University Faculty website is an important source for academic policies.

  • Student Free Time. No review sessions or other academic activities should be scheduled between 4:25 p.m. and 7:30 p.m. (This time period is reserved for extracurricular activities.)

  • Religious Holidays. Provide flexible options for students who have religious conflicts with test schedules or homework deadlines.

  • Academic Integrity. Include an explicit statement about what constitutes academic integrity in your course handouts (i.e., be very explicit about whether or not students may collaborate on homework).

Health Care

Cornell Health provides services for undergraduate, graduate, and professional students in Ithaca.
Select services are also available visiting students, spouses / partners of students, and to other community members.
The office of Student Health Benefits manages and provides support for those enrolled in Cornell's Student Health Plan (SHP)Student Health Plan Plus (SHP+)Dental Plan, and Vision Plan

Center for Teaching Innovation

The Center for Teaching Innovation (CTI) supports Cornell University teaching community members, from teaching assistants and postdoctoral fellows, to lecturers, to professors, with a full complement of individualized services, programs, institutes, and campus-wide initiatives. This office provides teaching support, advice, and training opportunities.

International Services

The Office of Global Learning provides support to foreign students.