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Evan Randles

Visiting Assistant Professor

Evan Randles

Educational Background

  • Ph.D (2016) Cornell University



  • Mathematics


Fall 2021


  • A Generalized Polar-coordinate Integration Formula with Applications to the Study of Convolution Powers of Complex-valued Functions on Zd (with Huan Q. Bui, to appear, 2021)
  • Davies' method for heat-kernel estimates: An extension to the semi-elliptic setting (with Laurent Saloff-Coste), Transactions of the American Mathematical Society 373(4) 2525-2565 (2020).
  • Convolution powers of complex functions on Zd (with Laurent Saloff-Coste), Revista Matemática Iberoamericana 33(3) 1045-1121 (2017).
  • On the Convolution Powers of Complex Functions on Z (with Laurent Saloff-Coste), The Journal of Fourier Analysis and Applications 21(4) 754-798 (2015).