Emily Witt

Michler Scholar

Research Focus

Research area: Commutative Algebra

My research is centered in the field of commutative algebra, with an emphasis on its connections with geometry, topology, and combinatorics.  My work has a special focus on local cohomology and modules over rings of differential operators, and on understanding the positive characteristic setting.  Recently I have also become interested in formal theorem provers.


  • Lower bounds on the F-pure threshold and extremal singularities, with Z. Kadyrsizova, J. Kenkel, J. Page, J. Singh, K. E. Smith, and A. Vraciu, to appear in Transactions of the American Mathematical Society

  • Frobenius powers, with D. Hernández and P. Teixeira, Mathematische Zeitschrift 296 (2020), no. 1-2, 541-572

  • Connectedness and Lyubeznik numbers, with L. Núñez-Betancourt and S. Spiroff, International Mathematics Research Notices 2019 (2019), no. 13, 4233-4259

  • Local cohomology with support in ideals of maximal minors and sub-maximal Pfaffians, with C. Raicu and J. Weyman, Advances in Mathematics 250 (2014), 596-610.

  • Local cohomology with support in ideals of maximal minors, Advances in Mathematics 231 (2012) 1998-2012