Edward Swartz


Research Focus

Combinatorics, topology, geometry, and commutative algebra

My research centers on the interplay between combinatorics, geometry/topology and algebra with a special emphasis on matroids and combinatorial properties  of simplicial complexes.


  • Projection volumes of hyperplane arrangements (with C. Klivans), Discrete and Computational Geometry, 46 (2011), 417-426.
  • Socles of Buchsbaum modules (with I. Novik), complexes and posets  Adv. in Math., 222 (2009), 2059-2084.
  • Face enumeration: from spheres to manifolds, J. Europ. Math. Soc., 11 (2009), 449-485.
  • Topological representations of matroids, J. Amer. Math. Soc., 16(2003), 427-442.
  • Matroids and quotients of spheres, Math. Zeit., 241 (2002), 247-269.

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