Quanta Article Highlights Research by Magill and Weiler

A recent article in Quanta Magazine on symplectic geometry featured research by graduate student Nicki Magill and postdoc Morgan Weiler, both working with Professor Tara Holm.

The article describes Dusa McDuff and Felix Schlenk's discovery of the existence of staircase-like structures with infinitely many steps, the size of each step being a ratio of Fibonacci numbers. This result was published in 2012. More recently, Holm and McDuff have worked in this area with Magill and Weiler and have achieved further results. Earlier this year, Magill, McDuff, and Weiler posted a preprint in which they nearly completed the project of analyzing the embeddings of ellipsoids in Hirzebruch surfaces.

Read the full Quanta article here.

Congratulations to Morgan and Nicki for this mention!


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Infinite Staircase