From fish DNA to Mars: STEM programs inspire kids across NYS

By: Merry Buckley,  Cornell Chronicle
Wed, 09/19/2018

Science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) programs Cornell carries out all over New York state are helping children get a leg up in a wide variety of fields. From space exploration to computer coding workshops to molecular biology lessons in the field, these programs enhance the educational experience and open up new career possibilities for thousands of students ranging from preschool age up through high school.

“Public engagement is a core value of Cornell,” says Katherine McComas, vice provost for engagement and land-grant affairs. “These STEM programs enable us to connect with educators and students across New York state and beyond.”

This feature story on the Cornell Chronicle site details how STEM programs are inspiring kids across NYS.

Moravia student Taryn Langtry at Cornell’s Spacecraft Planetary Imaging Facility.

   Students from Loughlin Memorial High School in New York City sample water from the Hudson River to help identify invasive species for the FishTracker program.