Conference Celebrates Anil Nerode's 90th Birthday

Anil Nerode, the department's longest serving professor, turned 90 at the beginning of June. To celebrate his long and influential career, Sergei Artemov, Distinguished Professor at the City University of New York, has organized an online conference called Nerode-90. The conference will be held on Zoom on June 28 and 29. To view the full program and request a Zoom link, visit the conference website.

"Anil Nerode is a monumental figure in Mathematical Logic and Applications," the conference description states. "His impact could be probably measured in figures: number of publications, citations, students, grants, etc, but it is so much more than that in it. Professor Nerode has been an inspirational leader of several generations of researchers in both academia and industry worldwide. His own scientific contributions are fundamental and span automata theory, model theory, theory and applications of hybrid control systems, and other fields. However, his influence as a builder and a consolidating figure in one of the most fundamental areas of human intellectual activity cannot be overestimated. Professor Nerode is a living and vital link between the classical tradition in Mathematical Logic and vast areas of its modern development."

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Anil Nerode