2022 Math Department Award Winners Announced

The 2022 department award recipients were announced at the annual department holiday party, held in December in the Statler Ballroom.

Junior Faculty Teaching Awards were presented to Will Clark and Rhiannon Griffiths. Lionel Levine and Alex Vladimirsky received Senior Faculty Teaching Awards. Graduate Teaching Awards went to Marissa Gee (CAM), Yun Liu, Gokul Nair (CAM), and Nikhil Sahoo.

The Hutchinson Fellowship was awarded to Kimoi Kemboi. The Bättig Prize was given to Elena Hafner,Dexuan Hu, Sumun Iyer, and Emmy Lewis. Rodrigo Delgado and Alekos Robotis received the York Award. The Torng Prize went to Nicole Johnson.

Read more about each award here.

In addition, the Olivetti Egg was given to Aria Beaupre and Kimball Strong. This prize is given to the Olivetti Club speaker who gave the best talk, as determined by a vote among the grad students.

Congratulations to all the winners!

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Tara Holm and Kimoi Kemboi