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Yury Kudryashov

Visiting Assistant Professor

Yury Kudryashov

Malott Hall, Room 583

Educational Background

Ph.D. (2010 & 2011) co-tutorship program of Moscow State University and École Normale Superieure de Lyon and Independent University of Moscow


  • Mathematics


Dynamical systems

My PhD thesis is devoted to attractors of generic dynamical systems, random dynamical systems, and dynamical billiards. Later I also worked on complex foliations, Anosov diffeomorphisms, and bifurcations of planar vector fields.



  • An open set of structurally unstable families of vector fields in the two-sphere (with Y. Ilyashenko and I. Schurov), arXiv 1506.06797.
  • Bounded limit cycles of polynomial foliations of ℂ² (with N. Goncharuk), arXiv 1504.03313.
  • Genera of non-algebraic leaves of polynomial foliations of ℂ² (with N. Goncharuk), arXiv 1407.7878.
  • A curve in the unstable foliation of an Anosov diffeomorphism with globally defined holonomy (with V. Kleptsyn), Ergodic Theory and Dynamical Systems, Volume 35, Issue 03, May 2015, pp 935–943.
  • No planar billiard possesses an open set of quadrilateral trajectories (with A. Glutsyuk), Journal of Modern Dynamics, 6:3 (2012), 287–326.