Spring 2021 Message from the Chair

By: Professor Tara Holm, Chair of Mathematics, 
Fri, 01/29/2021

To the members of the extended Cornell Mathematics Community,

On 1 January 2021, I took over from Ravi Ramakrishna '88 as Chair of the Department. I am proud to be leading our team and grateful for the strength of our community. This period has been a challenge for everyone, but we have continued to work hard on our key priorities: teaching, learning, and creating mathematics!

In one of my first meetings as Chair, I learned some things about our second Chair, James Oliver. He was not only an inspiring leader of our Department but also in our community, an active suffragist and local organizer. He shepherded our Ph.D. program in its early days and fostered an open and friendly atmosphere among students and faculty. He provides a worthy model for us all, promoting ethics and values that I aspire to. 

Together with the Director of Graduate Studies and the Director of Undergraduate Studies, I encourage you to reach out to us to share your successes, ideas for improvements, or concerns. Our doors (or their electronic versions on Zoom!) are always open.

Tara Holm (Chair)
Timothy Healey (Director of Undergraduate Studies)
Irena Peeva (Director of Graduate Studies)

Tara Holm, Chair, Department of Mathematics