Delp, Holm, and Sarazola win College-wide teaching awards.

Wed, 04/17/2019

Three members have won A&S teaching awards.

Senior Lecturer Kelly Delp received the Stephen and Margery Russell Award for Distinguished Teaching. The Russell award has existed for almost 30 years. Kelly joins colleagues Allen Hatcher, Ravi Ramakrishna '88, Michael Stillman, and Maria Terrell as a Russell Winner.

Professor Tara Holm received the Morgan Chia-Wen Sze and Bobbi Josephine Hernandez Distinguished Teaching Prize. This is a relatively new award. The donors encourage winners to travel and "bring back the world to Cornell", something particularly appropriate as Tara will spend next year in England.

Graduate student Maru Sarazola won the College's Deanne Gebell Gitner '66 and Family Annual Prize for Teaching Assistants who have demonstrated their devotion to undergraduate teaching — including classroom presence, course preparation and administration and student counseling.

Congratulations to Kelly, Tara, and Maru!

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