2018 Mathematics Department Awards Ceremony

Mon, 12/10/2018

On Friday, December 7, 2018, the Mathematics department gathered for their annual holiday party at the Statler Hotel on campus. Ravi Ramakrishna, Department Chair, presented annual awards for teaching and academic excellence.

From left to right: Jason Manning, Frederik De Keersmaeker, Aleksandra Niepla, Romin Abdolahzadi, David Mehrle, Lila Greco, and Andres Fernandez Herrero
*Not pictured: Alex Townsend, Elliot Cartee, and Aditya Vaidyanathan


The award winners were as follows: 

Senior Faculty Teaching Award
Jason Manning
For being articulate and approachable, charismatic and caring, friendly and fair ... Jason Manning is a passionate and inspiring teacher   

Junior Faculty Teaching Award
Alex Townsend
For teaching excellence: for his clear, insightful, entertaining, and compelling lecturing and for his empathy and responsiveness

Hutchinson Fellowship
Aleksandra Niepla
for outstanding academic achievements and excellence in teaching

Eleanor Norton York Award
Romin Abdolahzadi
for an outstanding A exam performance

Eleanor Norton York Award
Andres Fernandez Herrero
for outstanding academic achievements

Robert John Bättig Graduate Prize
Elliot Cartee
for excellent achievements in research

Robert John Bättig Graduate Prize
Lila Greco
for an outstanding A exam performance and leadership

The Torng Prize
Frederik De Keersmaeker
for outstanding teaching and service; for leading the department in implementing gradescope in large courses, for clear communication in the classroom, and for being a positive presence both in and out of the classroom.

Graduate Student Teaching Award
Aditya Vaidyanathan
for organized, clear recitations in Engineering Math, and patience and thoughtfulness during office hours

Graduate Student Teaching Award
David Mehrle
for teaching friendly, helpful, engaging courses and recitations, and for excellence in course administration