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Victor Protsak

Visiting Assistant Professor

Educational Background

Ph.D. (2000) Yale University



  • Mathematics


Algebra, representation theory, and Lie groups

My research focuses on representations of Lie groups and Lie algebras and involves algebra with combinatorial flavor and emphasis on explicit constructions. Generally speaking, representation theory provides mathematical tools to understand the notion of symmetry and encompasses classification and description of representations and the study of their properties. I am especially interested in Howe duality and branching laws.



  • Minimal polynomials of simple highest weight modules over classical Lie algebras, (2013) arXiv:1311.3992 
  • Dirac cohomology of Wallach representations (with Pavle Pandzic and Jing-Song Huang), Pacific Journal of Mathematics, vol. 250, (2011) no.1, 163-190
  • Transfer of ideals and quantization of small nilpotent orbits, (2008) arXiv:0802.1952
  • On the occurrence of admissible representations in the real Howe correspondence in stable range (with Tomasz Przebinda), Manuscripta Mathematica, vol.126, (2008), 135-141