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Lilla Tóthmérész

Visiting Assistant Professor

Malott Hall, Room 511

Educational Background

Ph.D. (2017) Eötvös Loránd University



  • Mathematics



I study discrete processes given by local rules. In particular, I am interested in algorithmic and combinatorial questions related to the chip-firing game and the rotor-router model. I also study the Bernardi process, which is a way of traversing the edges of a graph (also determined by local rules) and that has nice connections to geometry.


  • Hypergraph polynomials and the Bernardi process (with Tamás Kálmán), in preparation
  • On the complexity of the chip-firing reachability problem (with Bálint Hujter and Viktor Kiss),  Proc. Amer. Math. Soc. 145 (2017), 3343-3356 
  • Chip-firing games on Eulerian digraphs and NP-hardness of computing the rank of a divisor on a graph (with Viktor KIss), Discrete Applied Mathematics 193 (2015) 48-56 
  • Chip-firing based methods in the Riemann-Roch theory of directed graphs (with Bálint Hujter), (2015)
  • Algorithmic aspects of rotor-routing and the notion of linear equivalence, (2015)