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Andrew Sale

Visiting Assistant Professor

Educational Background

DPhil (2012) University of Oxford



  • Mathematics


Geometric group theory

I have two principal strands of research. One involves Max Dehn's conjugacy problem, looking for ways to use the geometry of groups to understand more about the nature of conjugacy in infinite groups. In a different direction I have been investigating the properties of outer automorphism groups of graph products, such as right-angled Artin groups. I also have a couple of papers on wreath products, for example, with Ben Hayes, we showed that the wreath product of two sofic groups is sofic.


  • The outer automorphism group of a RACG is either large or virtually abelian (with Tim Susse) arXiv:1706.07873
  • Vastness properties of automorphism groups of RAAGs (with Vincent Guirardel) arXiv:1609.04854
  • Permute and conjugate: the conjugacy problem in relatively hyperbolic groups (with Yago Antolín) (2016), Bulletin of the LMS
  • Metric behaviour of the Magnus embedding, Geometriae Dedicata 176 (2015), 305-313.